Our Oath of Privacy

Let It Be Known

You control what you store on our servers.

To the fullest extent of U.S. and International law, we will protect your data.

Within the boundaries of the law, we will not view your data except for testing and only then after giving you advance notice.  We will rarely do this.

And even if the law asks to look at your data, you have our word that we will fight it to the best of our legal abilities.  And know that we have lawyers just for this purpose.

We don't send unsolicited email.  We only send what you tell us we can send.

We will not sell our mailing list.  No one else sees our customer list.  Anything from third parties goes out only with your specific consent and we send it out ourselves from our servers.

If you don't think our email is worth your while, tell us and we'll stop sending it.

We do use Google Analytics and other services to track usage of our websites.  Our goal is to use this information to help us better achieve our mission of empowerment through reaching more people.  However, your privacy is more important, so you can visit to contact us or learn how to block not just ours...but any other trackers on any other website.   

So everything we do centers around your privacy and how we can best serve you.

But also know that if you are doing anything blatantly illegal or harmful using our servers, then we're not going to get in the way of the law.  The ancient saying of "By what you sow, so you shall reap" still applies to this very day.   And our mascot, The Banshee wants to remind you that she does stand for Justice.

We Believe In Your Privacy
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our Oath of Privacy, please feel free to contact us at

Trackers We Use...and Why

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an industry standard tool for providing detailed statistics on website traffic. We use the statistics internally to measure and improve the target marketing of our sites. We do not track personally identifiable information, nor do we release the data we collect to anyone outside the company. We recommend Google Analytics to our clients and encourage them not to share the data.

Google AJAX Search API

This is for search boxes found on our site. The search boxes may also deliver Goodle ads, similar to what you find on the Google search pages. Google has their own privacy policy and if you use the web, you are most likely already subject to it.

Adobe Typekit

Some of our custom fonts are from Adobe Typekit. Their privacy policy essentially follows Adobe's other sites.

Other Trackers

We may also use other trackers to deliver social media feeds, such as Facebook and Twitter. You probably get more trackers from going to the social media directly. Some of our live support tools may also require trackers in order to communicate with you. We make it a point to select tools that are known to be safe and that do not stay on your computer after your session with us is done.If we become aware of any detrimental privacy issues with any of these trackers, we will discontinue their use immediately.